About Us

How did Viv & Wink come to be?

With a heart for home and an eye for home decor, Whitney (known by many in her close circle as Wink) saw a need to bring modern/contemporary decor to the her home in the Magic Valley. So Viv & Wink was founded in 2020 with two goals in mind; curating modern decor for those living in the Magic Valley and hand crafting 100% local luxury soy candles for people to enjoy. 

1. Curating Contemporary & Modern Decor

It really started with a fascination with textures and fabrics from international business travel and a habit of always changing up spaces and rooms. Then a look around the area lead to her marketing brain seeing mostly traditional, farmhouse and country decor available and big box decor stores shutting down. The home decor window was, well, wide open!

Viv & Wink aims to bring global inspiration, limited edition and hard to source decor items to the area as well as some tried and true staples.

2. Candle Making & Creating

Since smell is so important to the feel of a home, Viv & Wink will also be crafting high quality, small batch 100% soy candles and home fragrances to those seeking something different. 

In addition to a monthly season candle box, Viv & Wink is also be open to create candles for special occasions. Reach out to us at info@vivandwink.com

Starting Small, Dreaming Big

Starting small, Viv & Wink will be open for online shop starting November 2020 with an pop up shop collaboration with the Brass Monkey in Twin Falls for the Holiday Season starting November 1, 2020.

We will keep you updated on our 2021 plans! We are dreaming big that we will open a storefront for both decor and in person candle-making soon.

Burn bright!